Monday, February 21, 2011

Test Test...1 2 3...

So this blog business is a little more tedious than I thought it would be! I need a "cool" background, a picture, some info for the about me and interests sections, thoughts to write for posts, etc. With that being said...this will be my first and last post. This is way too much work...what have I gotten myself into?! Just kidding! I wouldn't go through all the trouble a)setting up a blog b)choosing said background/picture and c)typing all that I just did for nothing! Hope this thing is a hit (and that I can keep up with it)!!

As Matt and I near our departure from Arkansas, to begin our new journey in Virginia, I find myself experiencing many different emotions...Matt can hardly handle my emotions as they are, so here lately he's been in for [what I call] a "special treat" (that will test his patience/prove his love for me)! Ha! We're leaving in 2 days and look forward to sharing all our fun new adventures with everyone!!

Things we plan to do while in VA (when I say we, I really mean me because Matt may or may not know about them yet):
1) Washington DC
3) Philadelphia (CHEESEsteaks) yum! *and [for angela] we will do the Rocky*
4) Visit some restaurant called "big buns"
5) and check out lots of historical places/ museums


  1. In case you miss the exit to the museum and end up in a the shadiest part of South Philly - please be sure to wave at the homeless guy wearing the holely green tee shirt guarding a grocery cart. He'll remember me.
    Take pics!!!

  2. I really love this!! Fabulous idea and I love hearing from you! It makes me feel like you aren't so far away! Although nothing makes me stop crying everytime I have flashbacks of all the memories we have together! Hope you have an awesome time! And tell Matt you should get to be a stay-at-home wife because you are going to be too busy blogging! lmao