Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet Virginia...

After 19 hrs of driving  (including a pit stop in North Carolina) we finally made it to VA yesterday afternoon!!! The trip was...well, awful. We could only drive 55mph the entire way because we towed my car behind Matt's truck the whole way! Then, the first 20 min. into NC were curvy hills...there are only 2 situations in which I get carsick- a) lots of curves or b) lots of hills.  This was a double whammy! And, to make matters worse...when we finally got through the first 20 min., there was a lovely sign that said "next 16 miles winding hills." What it should've said was "winding hills throughout your entire drive in NC," because that's what it ended up being! Needless to say, I did NOT like NC!

When we arrived at our new apartment, it was all set up and ready for us to make it our home away from home.  The blinds were opened, allowing the sunlight to come beaming was perfect (at least I thought).  We unpacked for a while and then decided to get showers and go out to eat...why am I telling you this?  Only because my idea for the first blog post (from VA) came from a blonde moment I had after making this decision.  Matt showered first.  When he got out and half dressed (underwear and a tshirt) he walked into the living room and freaked out because the blinds were open and someone may see, he of course closed the blinds (in the living room).  After I got through with my shower, I wrapped up in a towel and headed toward the bedroom.  My next [brilliant] move upon entering the bedroom was to drop my towel.  There I was standing in our room looking the way I did 23 years ago when my mother gave birth to me...yep, naked.  And dang it if Matt forgot to pull down the blinds in the one room I drop my towel in.  Thank the Lord nobody was around to see (that I know of)!

Be looking for pictures of our apartment coming soon...

Love and miss you all,
Casi & Matt

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