Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Change of Scenery

change of scenery

a move to a different place, where the surroundings are different.

New things that I'm having to get used to in Virginia:

1) living 5 minutes from such establishments as "Solomon Seafood Soulfood" (where food stamps are accepted as payment) and the adult video store (where they, so kindly, provide FREE digital viewing rooms). 

2) the time change-although we are only one hour ahead of Arkansas, this has definitely been the toughest to get used to. When I go to bed at 10 my brain still thinks it's only 9...and, even more tragic than shows that are on at "normal time" (old time) are NOT on at "normal time" (new time)-example: Hoarding Buried Alive premiered last night at 10/9C. Lucky for Arkansas you don't have to stay up from 10-11 to watch it!!!

3) COMICS-they are so not the same as they were in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette!! Virginians don't have a sense of humor-Arkansas comics are way better!

4) being able to hop in the car and drive 30 min to my mom and dad's! Matt told me last night he wouldn't be home for a few days next week because of some training stuff...well, normally when he abandons me like that, I just pack up and stay with my parents so I won't have to stay alone! As you may have guessed...I can no longer do this! :/

5) not knowing where I'm going/speed limits/etc- I'm SO very thankful for the gps my loving parents got me for Christmas! I have no clue what I would do without it-well, actually, I'd be lost! Virginia is very confusing-not like our simple roads in Arkansas. One minute you'll be driving down a two-way road, then all of a sudden it's one way...

6) being a "housewife"- it hurts to even say that- I am so used to having a job and making my own money...for the first week here though, I'm taking on a new role-cooking, cleaning, and of course watching desperate housewives.

and finally....

7) waking up EARLY! When I say early, I mean getting up before the rooster even thinks about getting up! Matt informed me that while I was being a "housewife" that I had the privilege of taking him to/from he sick or what?! Anyway, it's not as bad as it sounds- when he thanks me for taking him and apologizes for me getting up early, I quickly remind him that when I get home I'll dream of him! :)

Casi & Matt

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