Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cranberry Muffin

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. I'd like to say it's been a crazy/busy one, but let's face it..I'm a housewife which entitles me to do a lot of nothing (i.e. do laundry, load/unload dishes into dishwasher, cook, and most importantly watch desperate housewives).  Matthew informed me this morning that I'm not a "real" blogger...because he knows EXACTLY what that entails...and that I needed to update! So, here I am..updating away.

This weekend Matt and I took a trip to Richmond-in search of running shoes...and who knew that it would be such an old/cute place?! Needless to say, I forgot my camera. BUT- don't fret because we're already planning a trip back and I WILL be taking my camera with me! We noticed a Holocaust Museum that we decided we would HAVE to go to. Also, while in Richmond, we visited a HUGE had a GARDEN RIDGE in it for crying out loud (it also had a barnes&noble and a tjmaxx-coming soon)!!

In other news, we found a wonderful mexican restaurant!! We'll probably be frequent Sunday visitors there. The only strange thing about the place is that when they brought out salsa and chips, they also sat down a bowl of ranch beside it...I'm still very unsure as to what I should do with that!?

I think that's all for now...we haven't had much excitement this past week...hopefully this week is filled with a lot more humor that I can share with you guys! I WILL be posting pictures be looking for those! Oh, and the title of my blog today is because this morning we woke up to an awful smell in the apartment that seriously needed to be masked. So, I went to the trusty scents for my scentsy and picked out Cranberry Muffin. Now it smells like a delicious breakfast treat in our house instead of a dead animal :)

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  1. Ha ha! I just love u CC! You've settled into house wife very well it seems! Don't work too hard. You'll get really bored soon and start walking around with a toothbrush to clean with just to do something productive! Lol or maybe that's just me! Love ya!!
    Auntie Rose Teeter